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Lomita Winery

History of Lomita

La Lomita Winery - Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Lomita was founded by entrepreneur Fernando Pérez Castro in 2009. It is nestled in the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico’s most important wine region, and located just 15 minutes from the Pacific Ocean near San Antonio de las Minas.

They have been practicing organic viticulture since 2012 and are committed to being honest with the vines and making wines that express the terroir of the Valle de Guadalupe.

The sum of these and many other variables result in expressive and wholesome wines. Lomita now produces 8 separate and distinct labels that have emerged under the natural synergy of the terroirs of Valle de Guadalupe.

Lomita makes wines only from its own vineyards and grapes are processed on the property. Winemaking is an exacting process at Lomita and they are extremely careful with the selection and processing of grapes, resulting in healthy, expressive and wholesome wines. They only make wines from their estate vineyards, which are vinified and aged on the property.

The Owner

Fernando Perez Castro

Fernando Pérez Castro earned a Bachelor of Communication Sciences from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe campus. He has been a wine producer and agricultural entrepreneur since 2005. His winery projects (Lomita and also Finca La Carrodilla) belong to a new generation of wineries in the Guadalupe Valley. Pérez Catro is also the owner and founding member of the Association of Wineries and Producers of El Porvenir.

Characterized by his unwavering commitment to excellence in the vineyards, attention to quality in the winery, technological development of their infrastructure, and the tourist profile of its facilities, his wines have become benchmarks of modern Mexican enology.

The Winemaker

Gustavo González graduated as a chemist from the University of Berkley and received his Master's degree in Enology from the University of Davis, California, the United States’ most esteemed school of enology.

Professionally, he got his first job at the iconic winery of Robert Mondavi. Over the course of 17 years and due to his tenacity, intuition, creativity and innovation, Gustavo went from lab technician to head winemaker, responsible for the red wines. During his tenure, the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve was rated by the most prestigious wine publications in the United States with 95 or more points. This was an unprecedented achievement for both the Robert Mondavi Winery and the region as a whole.

His skills in 5 languages have led him to work on different projects around the world. Highlights include the famous wine Tenuta dell'Ornellaia 2001 Masseto, which was awarded 100 points by Wine Spectator and called it "perhaps the greatest Tuscan red ever.”

In 2009 he founded his winery Mira, which he continues to operate. González is on a constant quest for new forms of expression in his wines. His ongoing research on the aging of wine under the sea is also garnering remarkable results.

With over 20 years experience in the art of making wine, Gustavo González is one of the most renowned winemakers in the Americas.

From 2015 onward, he has proudly taken on winemaking at both Lomita and Finca La Carrodilla wineries in the Guadalupe Valley, honoring the country of his parents’ origin.